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Richmond Personal Injury Legal Blog

Making a personal injury claim after an accident

Being involved in a car accident or any other form of personal injury can be both a terrifying experience and a stressful one. There can be many different aspects of a distressing nature in personal injury, because beyond the physical harm that you suffered is the stress of potentially losing income, the cost of the medical expenses and the emotional trauma that could last for years.

When you are first involved in an accident, it is important to carry out some basic steps to make sure that you take care of yourself and are safe. Arrange an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible after the injury, even if you don't suspect that there are any serious problems.

2 Henrico motorists are killed in a crash along Interstate 295

Both the driver and passenger of a Jeep Grand Cherokee lost their lives in a multi-car crash on Monday, October 2. The accident occurred just before 2:45 p.m. near Exit 31 along Interstate 295 (I-295) in Henrico County.

Witnesses reported seeing another Jeep, a 2000 Cherokee, traveling northbound along I-295 immediately prior to when the crash occurred. They said that the SUV's driver appeared to be slowing as he prepared to get off the highway's off ramp when he was struck from behind by an 18-wheeler that had been following him.

Defensive driving tips for teens

If you have a teenage son or daughter with a driver's license, you're probably well-versed in worry. No matter how safe and experienced a driver your teen believes him or herself to be, the fact remains that the leading cause of death for individuals aged 15 to 20 is motor vehicle accidents. In fact, teens make up less than 7 percent of drivers on the roads yet they account for over a quarter of all crashes.

With such upsetting statistics, it's no wonder you're concerned. So how can you simultaneously appease your worry — at least a little — while also helping your teen learn how to stay safer on the roads? Well, for starters, you can teach your son or daughter to drive defensively. But what, exactly, is defensive driving, and how does it work?

What should you know about motorcycle accident liability?

Whether you're a biker or a firm believer that four wheels are better than two, it's important to know some of the facts surrounding motorcycle accidents.

This is particularly wise because Virginia follows a set of rules that only a small minority of states use regarding negligence and personal liability for accident and injury claims.

The consequences of traffic violations as a commercial driver

If you have an ordinary driver's license and choose to drive a car on the road, it is considered a privilege more than a right, and that's why the privilege can be taken from you relatively easily. However, when you have a commercial driver's license, the sense of responsibility you should hold, as well as the penalties you could face, are even higher. In general, the bigger the car you are driving, the higher responsibility you have to stay safe, because more is at stake.

This blog will provide a brief overview into what the repercussions are when truck or other commercial drivers commit a traffic violation.

Proving liability when hit by a drunk driver

Accidents can happen when you least expect it. You can do everything in your power to be a safe driver, invest in a car that will protect you and make sure to keep up with road safety regulations. However, you are never in control of other drivers on the road, and it is sometimes unavoidable to be involved in a situation when there is a driver acting dangerously by driving under the influence of alcohol.

This blog will provide a brief overview into how liability works when it comes to being involved in an accident with a drunk driver, and how liability and fault are proved in the courts.

Highway safety for truck drivers

As a truck driver, you will have already been subject to rigorous training and a high degree of assessment before you are able to get on the road. But it's always important to try and learn as much as you can about highway safety and methods to ensure that you keep the risks at bay. Truck driving continues to be a very high risk job with an enormous amount of responsibility. In 2012, the US department of Transportation reported that 3,921 people were killed by large trucks.

This blog will provide a brief introduction to three key ways that truck drivers can be as safe as possible on the road and avoid truck incidents.

Using a hands-free device could still lead to distracted driving

Distracted driving is a serious problem both in Virginia and across the country, and for this reason, many people are turning to the benefits of using hands-free devices while driving. While it is good that these devices allow for individuals to keep their hands on the wheel, it can still lead to distracted driving.

Hands-free devices do not lead to risk-free driving. In fact, drivers may find that they are lulled into a false sense of security when using these tools, which could lead to a higher chance of distracted driving. Distracted driving, no matter the cause, is always dangerous and always preventable.

Dog attack injuries: What's the one-bite rule?

In the state of Virginia, dog owners will only be liable for the injuries caused by their animals if they had reason to believe that their dog was at risk of attacking someone. Under common law, this has grown into the "one-bite" rule, which basically states that dog owners in Virginia are essentially on notice after the first time their dog bites someone. If the dog attacks a second time, then the dog owner will surely be liable.

In Virginia, the victim of a dog attack may need to illuminate why the dog attack resulted in the owner's liability. The victim can point to the dog owner's prior knowledge of the dog's potential to harm in order to prove this.

Can I sue a person for causing mental trauma?

Injuries can go far beyond physical harm, and sometimes, especially in the instance of a car accident, the longest-lasting and painful injuries caused by another person come in the form of emotional distress and mental trauma. It would seem obvious then, that if a person can sue a person for causing physical injury, then they can also sue a person for causing mental stress and trauma, too. The answer is yes, however securing damages for this can be very challenging in practice.

This blog will provide a brief overview into what questions you should ask yourself when considering filing a lawsuit for mental trauma caused by a car accident.