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car accidents Archives

Making a personal injury claim after an accident

Being involved in a car accident or any other form of personal injury can be both a terrifying experience and a stressful one. There can be many different aspects of a distressing nature in personal injury, because beyond the physical harm that you suffered is the stress of potentially losing income, the cost of the medical expenses and the emotional trauma that could last for years.

Can I sue a person for causing mental trauma?

Injuries can go far beyond physical harm, and sometimes, especially in the instance of a car accident, the longest-lasting and painful injuries caused by another person come in the form of emotional distress and mental trauma. It would seem obvious then, that if a person can sue a person for causing physical injury, then they can also sue a person for causing mental stress and trauma, too. The answer is yes, however securing damages for this can be very challenging in practice.

What are some common injuries car accident lawyers see?

Even small cars are heavy, hard objects typically traveling at high rates of speed in normal traffic flow. In an impact between two cars, two trucks or a car and a truck, you have two heavy, fast-moving objects striking one another. Unfortunately, common sense will tell you that any soft tissue (the human body) housed inside these objects will suffer damage in a motor vehicle collision.

Fast facts about motor vehicle accidents in Virginia

When it comes to analyzing car accidents in the state, Virginia authorities are sticklers for details. Each year, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) publishes a detailed report about traffic crashes in the state. While it would take far too much space to provide all of this information in a blog post, the sections below do offer some facts about Virginia traffic accidents occurring in 2015.

Man in fatal Virginia accident had laundry list of prior charges

The nation is becoming increasingly aware that many people somehow escape punishment for their wrongdoing. While it is true that jails and prisons are overcrowded, most people agree that something needs to be done about this widespread problem. A recent fatal car accident that occurred in Virginia Beach is just one tragic example of how the legal system can sometimes fail law-abiding citizens.

Guilty verdict in fatal Virginia pedestrian-car accident

Some pedestrian or car accidents are cut-and-dried, but others happen in a shadowy realm where it may be more challenging to identify fault legally. Last August, a 75-year-old Virginia man struck three members of a family as they were crossing a road. Unfortunately, one of the victims—a 57-year-old California woman—died and the other two suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Pay attention for injuries that show up after a car crash

When you are involved in a car accident, the adrenaline and stress of the accident might have you so pumped up that you don't even realize that you were injured. It is important that you pay attention to any symptoms you have on the days and even weeks after the accident. You should also remember that you have two years after the accident to seek compensation, so even if the injuries don't appear while you are at the scene, you can still take action.

Consider every purpose of seeking compensation

We recently discussed a set of bills that would toughen up the laws for distracted driving here. While this is certainly a welcome development, it doesn't do anything to prevent the distracted driving accidents that have already occurred or those that will occur while the bills are being considered. If you have been injured in a distracted driving crash, think carefully about your option to seek compensation.