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drunk driving accidents Archives

Proving liability when hit by a drunk driver

Accidents can happen when you least expect it. You can do everything in your power to be a safe driver, invest in a car that will protect you and make sure to keep up with road safety regulations. However, you are never in control of other drivers on the road, and it is sometimes unavoidable to be involved in a situation when there is a driver acting dangerously by driving under the influence of alcohol.

How motorists can avoid being injured in drunk driving crash

Alcohol-induced car crashes are completely avoidable, yet Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) claims that during the average American's lifetime, at least two-thirds will have their life adversely impacted by a drunk driver. It's estimated that alcohol-related accidents result in medical and funeral costs that reach as high as $52 billion each year.

Legal implications of refusing a blood, breath or urine sample

A breathalyzer test is often used by the Police and Highway Patrol to have a reliable indication of the amount of alcohol in a person's blood. This is generally done when there is reasonable cause to suggest that a person, most commonly a driver involved in an accident or an incident, is intoxicated above the legal blood alcohol limit.Since a person that has been asked to take a breathalyzer test is already under suspicion of being intoxicated beyond the legal driving limit, refusing to take a test therefore has serious consequences because it is seen as an effort to not disclose evidence for a potential crime.Initial refusal

Details emerge of fatal drunk driving accident in Virginia

As the driver in a fatal drunk driving accident made his first court appearance, disturbing details of the accident came to light. According to a news video, the defendant, a 31-year-old man, hung his head during his court arraignment, his face apparently still swollen from the accident.

Understand why you might seek compensation from a drunk driver

Drunk driving cases are infuriating because they are fully preventable. There is absolutely no acceptable reason for drivers to get behind the wheel after they have been drinking. When a drunk driver does cause an accident, we take that seriously. We can help you to launch your case against the drunk driver so that you can try to get the compensation that deserve.

You must prove liability -- even in a drunk driving crash claim

When you are struck by a drunk driver, you are likely going to suffer some injuries. There isn't any reason why you should have to cover the costs of the injuries or the accident. Instead, you can hold the drunk driver accountable for the decision he or she made to drive after drinking. Even though you were hit by a drunk, you will have to prove that the drunk driver was the person who is liable for the accident.

Drunk driving fatality rate is lower in Virginia than the nation

Driving drunk is something that nobody should ever do. Sadly, some people think that they can drive drunk without anything happening. This leads to drunk driving accidents that can cause injuries or even deaths. People in Virginia seem to fare a little better than the country as a whole when it comes to fatal drunk driving accidents. The state has a lower fatality rate for these accidents than the national rate.

Stay safe on the road this season

Christmas is practically upon us, and the holiday season is in full gear. You might already have attended numerous holiday events or parties, or you might just be gearing up for a weekend of visiting family followed by relaxation before a night of New Year's parties. Whatever you're planning, take some steps to stay safe on the road way this year.

Drowsy driving is as dangerous as drunk driving

If you have experienced drowsiness while driving, you are among the many motorists who say they have felt sleepy at times or have fallen asleep at the wheel. Those moments when your eyes begin to drift closed or your head starts to nod can creep up on you, but you should pay attention to the warning signs. When drowsiness overtakes you while driving, you can become a danger to yourself and to others.